YouTube is love, YouTube is life

Like many millenials, I am deeply involved in all aspects of the internet. Even my full time job requires me to be social media savvy and understand current trends. What better way to keep up with the current craze than to delve into the dark hole that is YouTube.


Tank and the Bangas Appreciation Post

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you: TANK AND THE BANGAS FOR STARTERS can we just praise how great this sound is. I mean listen to the band: If their first Tiny Desk wasn’t enough for you, they actually won this year: Just watch them find out that they won: Also Tank is … Continue reading Tank and the Bangas Appreciation Post

Thoughts from a blanket burrito

Hello all, We're writing today from separate rooms and a google doc. We both recently graduated from college, and the world, and online streaming services, are ours for the taking. With school finished we're taking a break from everything except food and TV (and the various dogs/children we watch). For this week's post we thought we'd share the shows … Continue reading Thoughts from a blanket burrito