Why You Should Watch Bob’s Burgers

Happy Friday lil fireballs, By this point, it should come as no surprise that Belle and I are obsessed with television. Combined we've practically watched everything under the sun, or at least given it a try (Sorry not sorry, House of Cards). There are countless shows out there, but my latest passion project has been to … Continue reading Why You Should Watch Bob’s Burgers


The Best Shows To Binge Watch

A good show can really bring a girl to life, and I don’t want to keep all this euphoria to myself. That’s why I put together a little list for you all of the best shows to binge watch. Immerse yourself in a new universe, you might be surprised how entertaining TV can truly be.

This is Me

We’ve made it pretty clear by now how much we love television. We’re always on the hunt for new shows, and a large number of our conversations revolve around the latest things we’re watching. So, it should come as no surprise that our latest tv obsession is the same as everyone else’s: This Is Us.