To the Cruiser Bruiser

All this talk about our road trip has got us thinking about the cars we've driven over the years. The one's we have now are safe, loyal and got us from North Carolina to California—but these wheels aren't the first ones to take us around the block. So this week we're going to take you back in time to the days of over plucked eyebrows and mixtapes to talk about our first cars. Buckle up because first up is Belle and her rusty-red PT Cruiser.


Life is a Highway

We must say 30 days on the road really changes a person. Some things we’re proud of and some things we’re not. At the end of the day, we accomplished exactly what we said we were going to do, give or take a wild night out in Las Vegas. We’ve been in San Diego for about six months now, and we’ve recently found jobs and a permanent roof over our heads. We’d say it’s about the perfect time to get real about what we went through to get here.