The Best Shows To Binge Watch

A good show can really bring a girl to life, and I don’t want to keep all this euphoria to myself. That’s why I put together a little list for you all of the best shows to binge watch. Immerse yourself in a new universe, you might be surprised how entertaining TV can truly be.


My Craigslist KitchenAid

I was living in a place called Motherland, Where everything was scary and foreign and new. While shopping on Craigslist to calm my nerves, The page loaded and then I saw you.   You weren't the newest model, But I knew I needed you in my life. When I saw you were only $100 I … Continue reading My Craigslist KitchenAid

Harry Potter and Belle’s broken heart

As you may have known, I recently embarked on a journey to read Harry Potter for the first time. It’s been a little over a month now since I started. I’m currently behind on every TV show I watch and I barely leave my house on the weekends. The books have been captivating to say the least. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried and I’ve told everyone I can about my favorite spells and characters. But with 100 pages to go, it seems my infatuation will soon come to an end and I will reenter life as a Muggle.