YouTube Is Love, YouTube Is Life

Like many millenials, I am deeply involved in all aspects of the internet. Even my full time job requires me to be social media savvy and understand current trends. What better way to keep up with the current craze than to delve into the dark hole that is YouTube.


Harry Potter at the Cinema of Symphonies

Welcome back witches and wizards, It’s Harry Potter week on Fireball Loft. Get ready to dive into the wonderful wizarding world as we rehash our recent night out at the local San Diego Symphony. There was a showing of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, while the orchestra played the score live. If you’ve never … Continue reading Harry Potter at the Cinema of Symphonies

Another Sad Love Blog Post

This week Lexie is comin’ atchu with something very near and dear to her heart. There’s this relatively new artist on the scene and he’s changed her life. The artist is Khalid, the 19-year-old army brat turned pop prodigy. With his euphoric dance beats, eighties synths, and tales of marijuana and booze-fueled high school raging, he has enchanted us all.

Jam time

Hi everyone, So today we thought we'd share our love for music with you through a little playlist. The vibe is best suited for driving alone, singing as loud as you can! Let us know what you think, and if we missed any hits! Sending good vibes as always, B&L