Tales From a Traveling Vegan: Disneyland

Hello little fireballs, After scouring the interwebs and making several fast-paced laps through Disneyland, I have devised a comprehensive list of everything that is or can be made vegan in the park. I wanted it all in one place (partially for myself, I'll admit) and also for my fellow Intro to Veganism™ classmates who may be … Continue reading Tales From a Traveling Vegan: Disneyland


To Make or Not To Make, That is the Question

As two health-conscious young professionals, we’re constantly looking for new kitchen hacks. It can be hard to balance healthy, flavorful choices with the amount of time and money we have available for cooking. That’s where the internet comes in. Online videos and magazines are full of kitchen hacks and tricks. A few of our favorite places to turn to for recipes and cooking info are Sweet Potato Soul, Thug Kitchen and My Vibrant Kitchen.

Sonnet #1

Its about time we reimagine Shakespeare as he would've liked. The man obviously understood art, but we give him little credit for his love of food. Methinks, Romeo is a just a personified substitute for french fries and our girl Juliet is a stand-in for ketchup... Want me to write your next English paper, anyone?