The Science Of Good Cooking: Heat

Welcome back sous chefs, We've come to the end of our Samin Nosrat's Salt Fat Acid Heat cookbook journey. So far, we’ve covered the first three chapters, Salt, Fat and Acid, so go catch up on them before you read any further. I hope you have an ice water on hand because today we're turnin' up the … Continue reading The Science Of Good Cooking: Heat


My Craigslist KitchenAid

I was living in a place called Motherland, Where everything was scary and foreign and new. While shopping on Craigslist to calm my nerves, The page loaded and then I saw you.   You weren't the newest model, But I knew I needed you in my life. When I saw you were only $100 I … Continue reading My Craigslist KitchenAid

To Make Or Not To Make, That Is The Question

As two health-conscious young professionals, we’re constantly looking for new kitchen hacks. It can be hard to balance healthy, flavorful choices with the amount of time and money we have available for cooking. That’s where the internet comes in. Online videos and magazines are full of kitchen hacks and tricks. A few of our favorite places to turn to for recipes and cooking info are Sweet Potato Soul, Thug Kitchen and My Vibrant Kitchen.