Making a home out West

Moving out West does not grant one the privilege to say they live in California. One must acclimate to the climate, both environmental and cultural. There are norms and rules out West, but above all else one must understand California is not a state, but a state of mind.


My Way or the Highway

It turns out we did make it out of the desert alive and ready to tell the tale. We come back to you now, emerging from the vast Texan landscape in El Paso. Be sure to grab some of the greasiest food around and get into the proper mindset of traveling with us.

Two Little Piggies Went to the Market

California, the Golden State, the Land of Milk and Honey, the Bear Republic if you will, is the number one agricultural producer in the U.S. There are almost 80,000 farms and ranches that make up over 25 million acres of land, and yield 46.4 billion dollars annually. California leads the nation in avocados, figs, carrots, eggplants, … Continue reading Two Little Piggies Went to the Market