In Defense of my Uber Rating

Hellooo party people, Lexie here. I'm coming at you today with the age old story of why I can never use Uber again. Not that I would even want to because Lyft is where it's at now, but I digress. Today's story is a tale of love, loss and confusion all wrapped in the warm … Continue reading In Defense of my Uber Rating


Breakin’ Up Is Hard To Do

It's Belle, here. I have recently enjoyed / endured / experienced my first real-life adult relationship. What do I mean by adult relationship? Well that’s easy. I just experienced the first relationship where I made plans for my future with someone else, talked to them rain or shine, and overall just fell in love. I just experienced my first relationship where we went on trips together and met each other’s families. I just went through the full shebang, from first date to break up.