In Defense of my Uber Rating

Hellooo party people, Lexie here. I'm coming at you today with the age old story of why I can never use Uber again. Not that I would even want to because Lyft is where it's at now, but I digress. Today's story is a tale of love, loss and confusion all wrapped in the warm … Continue reading In Defense of my Uber Rating


Sonnet #2

Hark! The solstice came and went And with it when did summer pass For August’s weather has been lent At the expense of this ol’ lass Where are the turning trees Cups of cider brimming with bliss The whip of a fleeting breeze I long for fall’s sweet kiss Yearning for one crisp morn’ A … Continue reading Sonnet #2

Breakin’ Up Is Hard To Do

It's Belle, here. I have recently enjoyed / endured / experienced my first real-life adult relationship. What do I mean by adult relationship? Well that’s easy. I just experienced the first relationship where I made plans for my future with someone else, talked to them rain or shine, and overall just fell in love. I just experienced my first relationship where we went on trips together and met each other’s families. I just went through the full shebang, from first date to break up.