Sonnet #1

Its about time we reimagine Shakespeare as he would've liked. The man obviously understood art, but we give him little credit for his love of food. Methinks, Romeo is a just a personified substitute for french fries and our girl Juliet is a stand-in for ketchup... Want me to write your next English paper, anyone?


A Matter of the Heart

We're swimming our way out of a coffee-filled ocean in search of retreat. What cup will warm these hands, if not one filled by caffeine-induced anxiety? What drink will soothe the ache of an early morning, if not one destined to make us crash?

The One Where Lexie Gets Employed

Hey friends, I come to you this week with a bit of realness. Belle and I have been talking about our famous job hunt that we’ve been undergoing for the better part of a year now, but we haven’t really clued you in on what all that entailed. It’s filled with tears and frustration and … Continue reading The One Where Lexie Gets Employed


My Way or the Highway

Welcome old friends, It turns out we did make it out of the desert alive and ready to tell the tale. We come back to you now, emerging from the vast Texan landscape in El Paso. Be sure to read about our trip from Charlotte to New Orleans and New Orleans to Austin to find out how we … Continue reading My Way or the Highway


Harry Potter and my Chamber of Secrets

Hello lil fireballs, It was the fall of 2013. I had just moved into UNC and was starting to get used to my classes and newfound friends. One thing that wasn’t going smoothly was my relationship with my roommate. We were randomly selected to share a 8 x 15 room with each other, and since … Continue reading Harry Potter and my Chamber of Secrets