About us


We’re Belle and Lexie, aspiring journalist and ecologist respectively. We are the creators of this blog, Fireball Loft. This is a place for us to share our stories, and talk about what it’s like to be in your twenties in this divisive but connected world. Our content will shed light on things we find relevant, fun, or even threatening. We hope you join in on the conversations we start here, and enjoy getting to know us.

We met first year of college, when we were randomly assigned to live in the same suite on the eighth floor of the furthest dorm from campus at UNC Chapel Hill. We lived with six other girls, making eight of us total in a very confined space. The two of us became friends in the slow awkward way most college students meet: over meals of cereal and fried potatoes in the dining hall and 30 minute walks to parties where we didn’t know anyone else anyways. Mostly we just bonded over our mutual hate of our other roommates.

Over the next four years we coordinated Halloween costumes, binge watched The Office for the first time and spent every birthday of our college careers together. We became better friends through our admiration of each others’ work ethic and background. The idea for this blog eventually came to us senior year in the loft of our rat infested house. While we were figuring out what internships and jobs to apply to after college, our ambitious personalities pushed us to look into entrepreneurship. After talking about starting an Etsy shop selling custom vinyled beer glasses, we decided to focus on our writing and creativity instead. During rushed meetings inside of our condemned house and newfound basement apartment, we launched this WordPress site and planned out our content.

From the moment we saw our first post, we realized the potential of Fireball Loft and the effort we would need to put in to make it happen. We started renting video equipment from the library, practicing Photoshop and meeting every Monday after class. Slowly our website began to flourish before our eyes, and our future plans became more clear. In October we were two beers in at Lumineers concert, when we pinky promised to move across the country together at the end of the next summer. Making it to California and working on Fireball Loft became tethered in our minds as the symbols of our new lives after college.

We left North Carolina in August, spent a month traveling across the country and another shell shocked at what we had just done. Our content on Fireball Loft stopped, and we floundered in the weight of adulthood. Now, while we continue to look for full time jobs and an apartment in Southern California, we decided to relaunch Fireball Loft. This time, we want content reflecting topics that affect our day to day lives. Our commitment to this blog is to post consistent, thoughtful content multiple times a week. We hope this website continues to mature as we do. As always reach out and let us get to know you, this is a space for conversation and your voice matters just as much as ours.


Hello! My name is Belle (no, it’s not short for anything). My interests include politics, the news and sci-fi anything. *exhales cigarette* I read with a lot of my extra time. I’m a fan of Dinaw Mengestu, Cheryl Strayed, Haruki Murakami, Sandra Cisneros and so many more. I am also deeply attached to pop culture/being a millennial. I love that we ruin things, I love to ruin things. My heart has a soft spot for trashy reality television. Yes, I watched every season of Jersey Shore. I listen to podcasts in the grocery store and keep my headphones in even if my phone dies. (Shout out to Dear Sugar). At any given time there are five unfinished cross word puzzles and two or three crushed pieces of fruit at the bottom of my bag. Maybe I’m forgetful, maybe I get distracted easily. Did I mention I’m in my 20’s? Feel free to follow me (@bellemiles_) for updates on my daily routine/overly passionate tweets about TV shows.


Hey everyone, my name is Lexie and I am a homemade art hoarder.  *Hiiii Lexie*  I am a blossoming marine ecologist and will avidly debate you on the importance of oyster reefs any day. Personally, I believe there is a perfect soundtrack for every occasion and most of the time that soundtrack is Lord of the Rings. I lack self control to not a) nap for more than 2 hours b) binge Bob’s Burgers or c) gorge on any sweet I come across (me/not me). I am a creature of the night and find myself listening to podcasts to fill an exorbitant amount of time. (Shout out to Dear Sugar pt. II). I know too much of the latest celebrity gossip, but at this point I can’t stop the obsession. If you have ever watched Are You the One?, please let me know every thought you have ever had regarding the matter (me at the end of every episode). Hit me up on Twitter and Instagram and watch me spout gibberish about Hamilton, Shia LaBeouf, or climate change negligence on any given day.