About us

Belle and Poms Winter 2017, Oil on canvas

Hello! My name is Belle (no, it’s not short for anything). My interests include politics, the news and sci-fi anything. *exhales cigarette* I read with a lot of my extra time. I’m a fan of Dinaw Mengestu, Cheryl Strayed, Haruki Murakami, Sandra Cisneros and so many more. I am also deeply attached to pop culture/being a millennial. I love that we ruin things, I love to ruin things. My heart has a soft spot for trashy reality television. Yes, I watched every season of Jersey Shore. I listen to podcasts in the grocery store and keep my headphones in even if my phone dies. (Shout out to Dear Sugar). At any given time there are five unfinished cross word puzzles and two or three crushed pieces of fruit at the bottom of my bag. Maybe I’m forgetful, maybe I get distracted easily. Did I mention I’m in my 20’s? Feel free to follow me (@bellemiles_) for updates on my daily routine/overly passionate tweets about TV shows.

Left: Lexie 2017, Right: Lexie 2087

Hey everyone, my name is Lexie and I am a homemade art hoarder.  *Hiiii Lexie*  I am a blossoming marine ecologist and will avidly debate you on the importance of oyster reefs any day. Personally, I believe there is a perfect soundtrack for every occasion and most of the time that soundtrack is Lord of the Rings. I lack self control to not a) nap for more than 2 hours b) binge Bob’s Burgers or c) gorge on any sweet I come across (me/not me). I am a creature of the night and find myself listening to podcasts to fill an exorbitant amount of time. (Shout out to Dear Sugar pt. II). I know too much of the latest celebrity gossip, but at this point I can’t stop the obsession. If you have ever watched Are You the One?, please let me know every thought you have ever had regarding the matter (me at the end of every episode). Hit me up on Twitter and Instagram and watch me spout gibberish about Hamilton, Shia LaBeouf, or climate change negligence on any given day.