The Wolves of Yellowstone

Hey everyone,

It’s Lexie here. As you’ve probably gathered over our two years together, me and ecology have quite the love affair. Two summers ago, I went out to Yellowstone with my sister to help her conduct fieldwork for her PhD. Her area of studies revolves around wildfires, and we were scouting burned areas.

We were driving around the park one morning at sunrise when we came across a group of researchers who were studying wolf packs. They had tracked a particular pack to Lamar Valley and, binoculars in hand, were waiting for them to emerge from the tree line.

We hung around for several hours, my sister adamant to have her first wolf sighting. When just like that two blobs of black and gray emerged from the trees, and she could officially say she saw the Yellowstone wolves.

I personally wasn’t impressed because when I say they looked like blobs, I mean even with powerful binoculars they looked like blobs. I wanted some in-your-face action, but maybe my expectations were a little high. The point of this story is to say that my sister is fascinated by wolves, and this graphic is an ode to her love.


Stay wild,


P.S. I you liked this graphic and want to learn more about another predator, check out my post all about sharks.


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