Welcome Back!

Welcome back little fireballs,

We’re back after taking a month off from the blog. Since we’ve been gone, we’ve been to weddings and operas, eaten weed brownies and french fries, and explored new beaches and barsall of which you can expect to hear about in the upcoming weeks.

It may come as a surprise, but life as a 20 something isn’t all sriracha and road trips, though it feels that way at times. Every now and then we struggle to find the words for what we want to write about, and we realize we need to get out there and live a little bit. So we’ve spent the last month putting our brains together and trying to enjoy the wonderful city we live in.

This means that you haven’t heard from us in a while, on the blog or our Instagram (maybe even through text either). But rest assured, we are back in action and oh do we have some stories to tell. Before we get into the new content we’re promising we do feel the need to reflect on not only the past month, but the past year that we’ve spent living in San Diego.

The last 375 days have been filled with laughter, tears, and god knows what else. We’ve watched new parts of our personalities emerge, and old parts leave. We’ve seen our friendships and relationships from college shiftsometimes disappearing altogether. Most importantly, we’ve both gotten a better handle on who we are and who we want to be. Living on your own will do that to a gal(s).

As you may know, we arrived in SD last September with no jobs, a one month Airbnb reservation, and back seats filled with leaking brake fluid and what little possessions we deemed important enough to bring. We spent that month creeping around the house of an old married couple and their two Italian greyhounds. After that, we moved into an even weirder living situation which can be summarized by the name of the house in which we lived: Motherland. (More on that later…)

We’ve collectively agreed that the first six months in San Diego felt like two years, at least. The days were broken up by weird work shifts and hours spent on our computers trying to find jobs we cared more about. We ate rice and beans, and spent any and all extra money on bagels and coffee. We struggled to balance a treat yo self attitude with a broke bitch budget.

Motherland, the house we were staying in, was a sprawling property tucked into a suburban part of East San Diego. It was hundreds of years old, likely haunted, and hosted new visitors every weekend. We rented a double room and rejoiced at having our own beds for the first time in two months.

From Motherland we started a series of odd jobs across the county that ranged from nannying to selling scented lotions at Bath and Body Works. We worked opposite schedules and sometimes days would go by where we never saw the other person awake.

When December rolled around, we both returned to North Carolina for Christmas. We went through the anxiety of going back with little more to report on than the fact that we were both still alive. A week later we landed in San Diego full of Cookout and a renewed sense of purpose: we had to own this city. In January we kicked things into high gear.

Thus started the second six months of our tenure in San Diego, the half that went by in a matter of minutes. Our world turned upside down in 2018, we both got full time job offers in our fields and out of them. We re-evaluated our lives and questioned our degrees, but more than anything we rolled with the punches.

In February we drove away from Motherland for the last time and headed to a new apartment, one that was all ours. The years of random roommates and missing food were behind us: we got a two bedroom apartment and no one to blame but ourselves if things went wrong. Our first night there was arguably the scariest moment of the entire cross-country journey. We realized from the solidarity of our Amazon Prime-approved mattresses that we were truly on our own out here whether we liked it or not.

For the next two months, we lived on the floor. We owned mattresses, a rug, some Dollar Store dishes and not much else. We came home from work weathered and spent most of our free time watching Netflix and recovering from the unexpected shock of stability. We scrambled together a kitchen table and some wall art before our siblings visited for the first time, and tried to show them how good we were doing. We almost convinced ourselves, too.

After everyone came and went we realized a few more months had gone by. Our apartment still didn’t quite feel like home and even though we were settling into our jobs a little more, something wasn’t quite right. The start of summer was filled with hard times and a lot of reflection, and we realized we needed to reevaluate before we let any more time pass us by.

We set up designated times to hang out, and made a list of trips to go on and places to explore. Our fridge filled up with silly magnets, event tickets, cards and wedding invitations. We started looking forward to things and meeting new people. Most importantly though, we started to settle into San Diego.

This brings us to the past month, which was jammed full of hangouts and beach time and friends and family. We never could have imagined what it would feel like to get used to a place so far from everything we knew. But now that we’re here we couldn’t imagine the past year any differently. Are there things that could have gone smoother, or better, or maybe never happened at all? Sure, but we’re still standing anyways.

Two weeks ago we rented a U-Haul to pick up a couch for our apartment. We pivoted and screamed while we carried it up three flights of stairs ourselves. When the day was over we plopped down on our new piece of furniture and looked around the apartment we’ve come to call home. We have jobs, our health, a roof over our heads, and a lot to look forward to.

We hope you keep reading our blog now that we’re back. We have a lot of stories to share, and we want you along for the ride.



P.S. If you’re not quite sure how we got here, read the start of our road trip series.


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