My Craigslist KitchenAid

I was living in a place called Motherland, Where everything was scary and foreign and new. While shopping on Craigslist to calm my nerves, The page loaded and then I saw you.   You weren't the newest model, But I knew I needed you in my life. When I saw you were only $100 I … Continue reading My Craigslist KitchenAid


Art In The Everyday

Hi little fireballs, As two former rolling stones, we're finally starting to come into our own in San Diego. Our road trip is long behind us, and we've been in an apartment for about four months now. One of our favorite parts of life in the new city is all the beauty around us, some … Continue reading Art In The Everyday

Tales From A Traveling Vegan: Disneyland

Hello little fireballs, After scouring the interwebs and making several fast-paced laps through Disneyland, I have devised a comprehensive list of everything that is or can be made vegan in the park. I wanted it all in one place (partially for myself, I'll admit) and also for my fellow Intro to Veganism™ classmates who may be … Continue reading Tales From A Traveling Vegan: Disneyland