To Make Or Not To Make, That Is The Question

As two health-conscious young professionals, we’re constantly looking for new kitchen hacks. It can be hard to balance healthy, flavorful choices with the amount of time and money we have available for cooking. That’s where the internet comes in. Online videos and magazines are full of kitchen hacks and tricks. A few of our favorite places to turn to for recipes and cooking info are Sweet Potato Soul, Thug Kitchen and My Vibrant Kitchen.


To Teep The Jeep

To Teep the Jeep, I never loved you and never will, but you “got me from point A to point B” and that’s all that mattered. You went through three high schoolers and were barely holding on when we parted. You shook and grumbled and stalled out and turned off, but you were my first … Continue reading To Teep The Jeep

To The Cruiser Bruiser

All this talk about our road trip has got us thinking about the cars we've driven over the years. The one's we have now are safe, loyal and got us from North Carolina to California—but these wheels aren't the first ones to take us around the block. So this week we're going to take you back in time to the days of over plucked eyebrows and mixtapes to talk about our first cars. Buckle up because first up is Belle and her rusty-red PT Cruiser.