Driving away from everything you know

Hello from the road,

We are four days in to our move to the West Coast. So far we’ve seen a few cities in the South and put some decent driving time behind us. Here’s some updates:


Thoughts: The trip has felt slow to start due to the shock my body has gone through leaving N.C. Now that I’ve finally come to the complete understanding that this cross country move is happening. Savannah—filled with Jen’s Martini Bar, tumultuous afternoon thunderstorms that knocked the humidity from 99 to 93 percent, and restaurants where waiters caress your shoulders—has been my favorite city so far.

Highlight: Watching a long-haired-55-year-old-wanna-be-sex-god rock out on a harmonica in a near empty dive bar by the river in Savannah, G.A.


Thoughts: Leaving for our first stop (Charleston) was a little gloomy. I wasn’t sad to be starting the trip but I didn’t feel a weight leave my shoulders at the state line, like I thought I would. I think on Day 2 we definitely picked up momentum, we even booked a trolley ghost tour in Savannah. For the time being I feel like I’ve been on this trip for at least a week.

Highlight: Seeing a real-life, majestic as fuck shooting star in Savannah, G.A. Maybe it signaled my oncoming post-waffle fry diarrhea, but maybe it meant we’re in for a good trip. Either way it was definitely a sign, okay??

Our posts may be a little inconsistent for the time being, but we will update when we can!

Sending good vibes wherever you are,



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