Make up ur mind

Hi queens,

We’re back with another attempt at testing out makeup trends. We keep our insta feeds full of trash memes and beautiful makeup. Lately we’ve noticed ~ombre lipstick~ and wanted to give it a go. You can do one color, or fade between two. Apparently some looks even require eyeshadow. According to Pinterest, the possibilities are endless. We’re always down for new makeup trends–whether or not we can actually execute them is another story. Here’s our experiences trying it out for three days:


Day 1: I started this journey by searching through Pinterest for the best possible strategy. What I gathered was to line your lips first, put the darker lipstick on the edges. Followed by the lighter one and then blend with a brush. I tried with a bright red and orange first, and you can’t really see the orange as much. 

This look didn’t last very long either. I made it about two hours and one veggie burrito in before all that was left was the red edges. When I reapplied I just put the red all the way one and gave up on the ombre look for the day. I’m realizing this look might not be the best day look, because the second you start eating the inner part of your lips fades. AKA my entire orange went away. 

Day 2: Okay here I was determined to try a new strategy, which might have been bold because it was only my second time ever trying this to begin with but whatever. I put the lighter shade on first and worked my way out. This time I stuck with all pinks to get a one color-ombre look. I realized pretty quickly that putting the lighter color on first didn’t really make a difference when I blended the colors, so straight out of the gate I don’t think I got the ombre look here either. I was also working with three really different formulas, a matte lipstick, a smoother one and then a lip gloss. Hee hee, you gotta work with what you’ve got. 

I regretted this look almost immediately after application because I don’t wear a lot of pinks. I’m honestly not sure how I ended up with so many. After maybe an hour I was down to this lunch lady-esque ring of dark pink liner around my lips. Which was somehow much worse than yesterdays red-lip ring. Yay me.

Day 3: This day I was determined to get something. So I grabbed the two most contrasting colors I had: navy blue and light pink. As you may have guessed, the light pink didn’t stand a chance and after putting it on/blending, and it almost went gray. This is the closest I got to achieving the ombre though, so I’m happy about that. I think I would want to try with the same brand next time, just to see if I could get a better blend. 

I wore this ~look~ out drinking. Both my beer and my lips were a mess pretty early on in the night. I felt self-conscious and tried to keep drinking from the same place on my cup. Which is a weird thing to worry about know that I’m writing it down. Also, I made an effort to apply similar formula types, but working with two matte shades created the ultimate crackly lip look. They were almost impossible to re-apply in the dingy bar bathroom. Overall this was probably my best day, but still not Pinterest worthy. 


Day 1: Honestly, I just went into this challenge blind and probably could’ve done better than I did. I had a general idea of how to carry out the ombre look, but it was only after seeing an instagram tutorial afterwards I realized my blending was horrendous most days. On the first day I went for a pink to red look, using Kylie Matte Liquid Lipstick in Posie K and Maybelline Colorblur by Lip Studio in Partner in Crimson. After some trial and error, I decided the best method was the apply the red like a lip liner and fill in the inner portions with the pink.

I wore this out to do some shopping around town and it was really only subjected to an iced coffee and jamming to Taylor Swift (she’s back on Spotify, btw) ((could I be anymore stereotypical white girl)). After a few hours, the colors had just completely blended together and looked like one solid color. I tried to reapply the pink, but it just wasn’t vibrant enough to stand out overlaying the red.

Day 2: I was feeling more adventurous today and decided to go for a bold look. I used NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Run The World for the purple and Covergirl’s Katy Kat Matte in Perry Panther for the “black”. I say “black” because this lipstick requires some form of black lip liner if you want a black lipstick that ~pops~. This really is more of a translucent black. I used the same method as before of lining with the black and filling in with the purple.

Nope, nope, nooope. This held up for approximately 5 minutes before the colors were already beginning to become a puddle of mush. I chalk it up to the Katy Perry lipstick. The consistency of the lipstick is very buttery but in the way where it never sets on the lip. Every time I’ve worn it alone, it smear everywhere and comes off like it’s nobody’s business. I can only imagine trying to wear this look for a night out where a lot of drinking and eating is involved. You can even see in the after photo how it has smeared outside of the lines of my lips and I only wore it for about an hour or two.

Day 3: I knew after the previous disaster that bold colors had the potential for greatness, but maybe better quality lipstick was required. On the last day I used ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip in Femme for the pink-lavender and Petit Four for the gray/blue (even if the picture looks green). Immediately after applying I already had a good feeling about this. Maybe it’s the fact that they were more “high end” lipsticks, but the application and blending of these two was much easier than the others.

Whoever says that the Kylie lip kits are supreme is a damn liar. I know by now we have all heard of ColourPop and it’s potential, but, you guys, it’s so true. I bought a bunch of ColourPop lipsticks during a sale and don’t regret it for a second. These babies go on and they stay on. The ombre barely faded after several hours of eating, drinking, and chit-chatting. I felt a lot of satisfaction finally getting it right.


Who would’ve thought it takes actual practice to nail a beauty trend? I mean how hard is blending lipstick supposed to be. This look, when done right, is really pretty. Obviously Instagram admiration and solid color lip trends are easiest, but who knows? We’ll probably keep experimenting with this in the future. Comment and let us know what you’re strategy is for this look, feel free to tell us we’re doing it wrong!




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