You, me, and Queen Dee

Hello television aficionados,

By now, you all know we watch a lot of television on all platforms. We wanted to assign each other a season of a show to watch and get feedback on it. The assigned show could be something we liked or hated, or something we thought the other would like or hate. We chose two very different shows in the end which created a nice dichotomy of opinions.

Belle watched The Crown

I’m going to be honest, the first episode is pretty slow. Too many people look alike, and it’s shot really dark so it’s kind of hard to keep up with who is who. Also, I maybe spent the better part of the episode on Queen Elizabeth’s wikipedia page. Okay I definitely spent the entire episode on her wikipedia page. I guess it’s a hard plot line to set up, so I’ll give Netflix that. Any word on what inspired them to make the show?

It took me a little break to start the second episode but wow it got better. This episode is really well done, and just sad enough. They handle ~spoiler alert~ the King’s death really well, and honestly I was a lil sad watching them rush to tell Elizabeth first. This show is really good at building suspense and dramatizing scenes. I mean can we talk about the soundtrack?

As far as the actual plot goes, I can’t think of another show like this. Usually you see biographies and historical non/fiction as books or movies. I kind of hope Netflix takes on more shows like this, but it could just be a one time product of the craze for royal-themed content. As Americans we have no familiarity with monarchs or royal families so with The Crown and shows like it I feel like there’s a certain draw to understand more and more.

One thing that did confuse me was that no one seemed particularly power hungry. I guess because this is real life and people don’t just go around killing each other for power, (or do they?) But after the King died, everyone was quick to blame his brother for passing the throne along. At this point in society do you just want the money, and not the power? Or the crown? I’m not quite sure I get the humble-ness of the characters, but also I’ve been watching some batshit crazy television lately (Orange is the New Black, Black Mirror, etc.)

Overall I would definitely recommend this show. There’s only one season so it’s easy to finish in one weekend. And if nothing else it gave us Tweets like this:


Lexie watched It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 5

Maybe it was because I watched this show alone or that I came in blind to season 5, but I was not prepared for it. Just to paint a picture, the first episode contains Dee trying to become a surrogate mother to make money and the boys trying to renovate Frank’s new house only to find that they need to vacate the house. When the boys arrive at the house, the owners are there and they get into an argument and the guys discuss whether to rape the mother and kill the family or not. I can feel all the die hard fans screaming as they read because I get that the appeal of the show is it’s crude humor and I’m not a monster, people, I did find it funny in places. However, I think my comedy enjoyment is significantly enhanced when I watch with others.

One of the episodes I found particularly funny was The D.E.N.N.I.S. System episode where Dennis explains to the group his system for seducing any woman and “earning her undying love.” It’s appropriately stands for: Demonstrate value, Engage physically, Nurture dependence, Neglect emotionally, Inspire hope, and Separate entirely. They bet him to try and win back Caylee, a woman he had a relationship with, and insanity fuckin ensues as we watch both Dennis and Dee try to maintain chaotic relationships.

I did just finish watching The Mick which features Kaitlin Olsen, who plays Dee, so I had a lot more love for her character than the others. Also, I’ve seen enough gifs of Charlie like this and this and this on the internet prior to watching the show and found myself weirdly attached to him as well. There’s just something I like about scrappy, high-pitched characters. It’s almost as if I see myself in them, except it’s not quite as likable in real life.

Honestly, I was pretty distracted and low-key stressed about leaving for Wyoming to do field research when I watched it, so maybe I gave it an unfair chance. Just like many of my ex -boyfriends, I’ll probably give it another shot.


Let us know if It’s Always Sunny is your favorite show, and help convince Lexie to keep watching.

Sending warm beds filled with, at minimum, 6 hours of snacks,


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