Tank and the Bangas Appreciation Post

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you:


FOR STARTERS can we just praise how great this sound is.

I mean listen to the band:

If their first Tiny Desk wasn’t enough for you, they actually won this year:

Just watch them find out that they won:

Also Tank is amazing:

Can you tell us what your style says about you?

“…That I just might be an artist, if you didn’t already know I was one.”

While we’re here, go ahead and focus on:

“These are the things I think about in the shower… I tend to shove things in the biggest of closets.”

If you wanna learn about love:

“That’s when I knew, right then and there, that rollercoasters were for people like me that have never been in love. For we all want to know how it feels to just…


In conclusion, we are enchanted. Oh heart, oh heart, stop making a fool of me:

And hey, I think they’re on all kinds of tours now. So go find them, go love them. We can all long to be graced with their beams of light together.

My god are you lovely,



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