Wake and fake (eyelashes)

Hello all you magicians out there,

Today our trick is to magically make our eyelashes grow in a mere 5 to 30 minutes (depending on the day). This week we tried to push ourselves and challenged each other to wear fake eyelashes for 3 days. You see, we are not fake eyelash wearers, but boy do we want to be. Here’s our running commentary on how that went:


Day 1: I was very apprehensive about this whole process. I’m very much a novice when it comes to fake eyelashes, like I didn’t even start attempting to use them until a few months ago. I went and bought these two top-quality packs at my local Walgreens and jumped right in. To start, one of the packs came with a nifty applicator. The first day I struggled using this device from hell. The way it is curved made it so no matter what direction I held my hand, I could not, for the life of me, touch the whole eyelash to my eye at the same time. Maybe I’m too used to the peasant way of using tweezers, I don’t know. And contrary to my experience, I think the curve is supposed to make it easier to apply but I must lack the coordination. The first day I applied them after close to 20 minutes of huffing and puffing, and then the rest of the day went swimmingly. They didn’t fall off as the day went on, so I felt good about that. I must say I don’t think I’m ever going to get over how weird it feels to initially put on lashes. (And yes, I know I look like an alien in these photos).

Day 2:
This was my worst day. The whole experiment almost ended right here. I tried to give the applicator another go, because, hey, maybe I was just having a bad day yesterday. But no. I seriously blame all my struggles on that tool. I dropped one of the lashes and it feel into the ether of my floor because I wasn’t able to find it afterwards. Then I tried to apply the lashes but they were sticking to the applicator from day old glue or something and wouldn’t go onto my eye. When I finally got them on, the inner corners would not stick down. Throughout the day, they only proceeded to peel off more and more, but I felt pretty committed to the look I was wearing and didn’t rip them off preemptively. There was immense satisfaction at the end of the day when they went into the trash.

Day 3: I wanted to try and wear fake lashes without excessive eye makeup on this day. I imagined with would look a lot more natural than it did, but I don’t think this is portrayed in the pictures. I realized that the reason more people wear eyeliner when applying fake lashes is because it helps to blur the lines between where the fake lashes are placed and the bed of your eyelashes. This day I learned that I have never truly put my fake eyelashes close to my real ones, and have only been getting by on my other makeup. I did use tweezers this day to apply them and it took less than 5 minutes, so if we were on Mythbusters we would say the myth is BUSTED that the applicator is effective.



Day 1: Were these lashes 2 for 1 at Ulta? Yes, yes they were. I know nothing about lash brands so for now I’m going with what’s cheap and mildly appealing. I put these on before going out for dinner, and honestly I didn’t make it out of the house before taking them off. As you can see from the second picture, they lasted approximately 30 seconds before the inner corners came off. I’m thinking I should’ve trimmed them a bit, and also waited a little longer on the glue to get sticky before applying. I feel annoyed, yet optimistic for the next two days.

Day 2: First I tried to trim the edges of the lashes. This was kind of a mess, but also it worked. I think my problem is I attempt to apply them for my full lash line, when maybe I should skip the innermost corner. The cut definitely helped with application, but I still had problems keeping them on. I also don’t usually wear eyeshadow or heavy eyeliner during the week, and I think the lashes look too glam for my ~natural~ makeup look.

Day 3:
As soon as I started I could tell this wasn’t going to go as good as day 2. I don’t really know how to get the right amount of glue to come out, and I also don’t know how long to let it dry before applying. I think the lashes were revolting because I put them through so much in one week. Any word on how long you can wear a pair before they’re done? Maybe one day I’ll be better at this. *sigh*

As always, if there are any beauty gurus out there, pls send help in the comments.

Stay beautiful,


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