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Hello fellow hermits,

We have another show review!!! We both just watched season 2 of Master of None and wow is it cute. We both felt a little meh about the first season, but stuck around to see where it would go, and we were not disappointed.  Here’s some things we loved:


First I loved how they shot it in black and white, second I LOVED Mario. I always fall for the cute kid in movies, shows etc. and the second we see him and Dev together, I was in *heart eyes* The comical storyline was enough to spark my interest for the season, I wanted to see what other unique things they would do. I’m telling you, even if you didn’t like the first season or if you felt very neutral about it (like i did) watch this episode. Aziz is so good at writing dramatic or funny situations that somehow still seem believable. This episode may have been movie-esque but I still couldn’t help rooting for him like it happened in real life. -Belle


This episode was easily my favorite of the entire season and it contained Dev for less than 60 seconds. I read Aziz wrote the episode “as a love letter to the city.” The episode allows for us to view New York city outside of the glamor of high end life which is normally how it is portrayed. The artistic liberties taken in this episode were what really sold me. A third of the episode is from the perspective of a woman who is deaf and there is no sound for this portion of the episode. Her story was told second out of the three portrayed, and I remember being stunned by the silence while multitasking on my computer. The depiction of everyday people as well as the humor found in everyday occurrences really resonated with me. -Lexie


I love nothing more than watching the evolution of a person. If you knew me, you’d know that I eat up the opportunity to corner a long lost friend and hear everything that has happened to them. What events are help to shape a person? In this episode, we experience Thanksgiving with Dev and his friend Denise’s family. We see the evolution of Denise discovering her sexuality as well as her family’s rocky acceptance. I particularly enjoyed how even though we were only seeing one day each year, through the stories Dev would tell in confidence to Denise’s mom and Aunt we would learn what had happened throughout the year in Denise’s love life. I’m still crying-laughing at Dev screaming across the dining room table in order to talk to Denise’s grandma. Definitely worth the watch. -L


Their friendship is just so pure. I loved the entire episode where Arnold visits him in Italy, even though I cringed/covered my eyes for the entire car-stuck-in-an-alley scene. Arnold at the wedding was a force on his own, but the Dev and Arnold moments were spot on. I’m always down for a good friendship & antics storyline and this was the perfect follow up to The Thief (see rant above^^^). ALSO this episode gave us this gif, and I mean is there a better running hug gif out there? Please, if there is post it. -B


Sometimes I find myself looking at my phone while I’m watching the show because the conversations are just too awkward. But if I’m being honest, it’s just another reason why I love the show. The dialogue is written so well, and it makes the show seem believable. When I watched the First Date episode, or even I Love New York, I felt like I had been on those dates or met those people. Each conversation or interaction felt true and honest. I might cringe for 30 percent of every episode but I am 100 percent here for real people and real conversations being put on TV. -B


I still don’t know if I loved or hated the confusion Dev felt towards Francesca. It was so real, both of their feelings actually. We’ve all been a Dev, wondering if the signs we were seeing were actually there. Wondering if we are reading too much into it, but not really caring if we were. Most of us have also been Francesca’s. Okay, maybe you haven’t been engaged and having feelings for someone else, but you’ve probably liked somebody you shouldn’t. The awkward times and the innocent were all too realistic and I found myself equal parts grinning and cringing. Also, curse Aziz Ansari for that final scene. -L

Comment and let us know what you think about the show! Were the conversations believable? Did you like The Thief  or New York, I Love You best? Here’s hoping the show gets renewed for season 3.

Happy binge watching,



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