Black Mirror Season 3 review

Greetings fellow conspiracy theorists,

We just finished the newest season of Black Mirror (here’s the trailer for the curious) and MAN OH MAN did it blow our fuckin’ minds. Let’s be honest though, we expected nothing less. Go watch the season and come back to read our thoughts for each episode.


Ep. 1 – Nosedive

Belle: To me this felt very similar to Season 1’s “Fifteen Million Merits.” I was enticed by Lacy’s life and story, but it just didn’t feel like an entirely original premise. I feel meh about the idea but i do appreciate Bryce Dallas Howard’s acting. I cringed watching her arrive at the wedding, with her dress hanging off her shoulder and mud on her face. You could tell then she had already given up everything. I also liked the ending, and how to truly speak your mind you have to be locked away from society. how It was a good start to the season even if I was disappointed by the overall theme.

Lexie: I just want to start off by saying the world should recognize that Rashida Jones helped write this episode and Rashida, girl, what are you doingDon’t go getting into the fucked up world of Black Mirror. Anyway, watching this as the season premiere I already know I’m about to reevaluate my life and how much I value getting those little likes on my Instagram photos. Basically we learned that living a life for approval isn’t living. I appreciate that they allowed for Lacie to have a breath of fresh air at the end when she realizes she won’t be “ranked down” for speaking freely.


Ep. 2 – Playtest

B: YOOOO, so many feelings. This episode 1. Reminds me of the movie Stay Alive. 2. Makes me want to shout from the roof tops how unethical forced research participation is. But let me not go there right now… I had to watch this episode in two parts because the second he got to creepy town I thought shit was going to hit the fan. Honestly, it didn’t get as scary as I thought but props for all the suspense. Also- was not a fan of the inception-esque ending. I feel like I need to rewatch the last ten minutes to make more sense of it? Did he just die in the first five minutes? Did any of it actually happen?

L: What the fuuuuuuuck. These people need to take some fucking environmental ethics class for fucks sake to realize how to appropriately conduct an experiment. ALSO, there is no way in hell they would be allowed to go to human trials if their device was that defective. ALSO ALSO, if the interference of a phone was enough to kill the participate, a real scientist would not even allow it into the room. ALSOx3, when they are talking about how Cooper died at the end, they say “it won’t happen again” as if they’re still going to be conducting trials. I could go fucking on and on with the protocols in researchbut I’ll spare you all the details. However, I do admire their persistence for taking note of Cooper yelling, “Mom” as he died. It’s about the only appropriate scientific protocol they followed.


Ep. 3  – Shut Up and Dance

B: Great time for a little story about my life. When I was probably 15 I moved a poster that had been leaning on my wall for god knows how long and discovered a small white device with a glowing light. I immediately thought my parents had placed a camera in my room and re-lived all of the weed I had smoked out of my window in fear. After staging an intervention with my parents I realized it was not a surveillance device, and just a really fancy Glade air freshener. ANYWHO, this episode made me hella uncomfortable and probs am gonna put tape over my cameras.

L: Man, I really do hate this show. This episode reminded me of the movie called Eagle Eye with Shia LaBeouf (love ya man) when that supercomputer blackmailed strangers into doing all this shit to overthrow the government. I sleep a little better at night knowing I’ve been a tin-foil-hat crazy person for a while now and have covered my computer’s camera. However, I sleep a lot fuckin’ worse knowing all the illegal streaming sites I’ve gone to and how hackers can probably see everything I have ever done on my computer. Good thing all they would ever see is me binging The Office every night or googling the net worth of famous celebrities (it’s always surprisingly, you should try it).


Ep. 4 – San Junipero

B: Hate to jump on the bandwagon BUT I FUCKING LOVED THIS EPISODE. I am always down for shows/books etc. that theorize on what happens after death. I loved the characters they chose to center on, and how they showed two different reactions to the possibility of San Junipero. This episode made me think the most out of any, I had like a lil show hangover after watching it. Like are they happy together? Did they make the right choice? Can you ever leave San Junipero? I would love for this to be made into a whole series, but then again maybe Yorkie and Kelly are better left alone. *sigh*

L: I really liked this episode as well and I feel like it may be because 1. I’m still getting over the last episode and 2. there was a happy ending. I liked how they allowed for us to see both versions of Yorkie and Kelly, the old/ill and young. Also, Yorkie had a hard life living in a religious family who was unaccepting of her and now she lives happily in San Junipero. I had the same question as Belle that is are they able to leave at any point? Essentially their consciousness is immortal so would that becoming boring? Do they age? What happens if the real world upgrades the system? We need more!!


Ep. 5 – Men Against Fire

B: My first impressions were co ed military and barracks? I’m intrigued, Netflix. My second thought was I KNOW sometimes Netflix goes too fucking far with the graphic violence and I am not down right now. Just as I predicted, shit hit the fan real quick and we had our first mutant sighting about ten minutes in. Let me also say this episode has a sequel and it’s the 2007 filmé I Am Legend. I don’t usually go for the post-apocalyptic storylines and this episode, and Season 1’s White Bear, make me question why the hell I watch this show.

L: This show kills me. Good lord. I wanna know who the writers are and how they come up with this shit. Are they from the future and showing us Trump’s America once he has become dictator? This has some Nazi shit written all over it by the government trying to “protect the bloodline” of humanity and killing those that they see as inferior. I’m disappointed that Stripe didn’t try to mess with Hunter’s implant. Also, I find it weird that the soldiers had never experienced the “roaches” before the implantation and then suddenly they are everywhere. I don’t know, I think that a little more sleuthing by someone could have led to this correlation. Use your brains, sheeple!


Ep. 6 – Hated in the Nation

B: I DID NOT EXPECT IT TO BE THE BEES MAN WHAT. HAHA. Black Mirror you got me this time, just when I was ready to give up on the show again. I love episodes that take place in ~our world~ because I feel like it’s easier to relate to the insanity. Or at least imagine what it would be like to experience the things they talk about. Watching this got me thinking about the ethics of Twitter, or even Yik Yak. Anything with anonymity involved, and how they’re pretty conducive to online bullying. It reminds me of a lecture I once went to by Danielle Citron definitely look at her book about cyber safety/privacy. I’m a little in shock about the episode still, I mean online harassment is scary enough and Black Mirror is over here adding bees to people’s brains.

L: First of all, I would like to thank Black Mirror for bringing awareness to the disappearance of bees and how dope it would be to have robotic bees that could pollinate. What is not dope is mass public surveillance by the government. I do have to admit, Black Mirror never fails to surprise me. I certainly did not expect almost 400,000 people to be mass murdered when I sat down to watch this episode. The satisfaction I had from the ‘Got him” text that is received at the end, indicating that revenge is about to be so so sweet, was worth the watch.


If you have watched this or have any ideas about how the Man is coming for us all, let us know.

Building you all tin hats as we speak,



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