All white kicks


Have you or a loved one been affected by the sporty white tennis shoes trend?

Did you get one good week out of those shoes before they were soiled by the elements of nature?

Do you now own a pair of nasty as fuck converses? Or Keds? Or off-brand, but still just as cute, white shoes?

We do… So this week we decided to try out some cleaning hacks we found online to see if we could restore our slightly less trendy, formerly white shoes to their original, angelic states. For starters we googled a ton of online ‘recipes’ for white shoe cleaner (without bleach bc who knows how to actually use bleach???). Here’s the best one we found AKA the stuff we already had that seemed like it could remotely match up to wikihow:

We used:

Baking soda


Laundry Detergent

White toothpaste

Lemon Juice


An old toothbrush

Time/elbow grease

Here’s a lil shoe backstory, just so you can evaluate the practicality of stain removal on your own: Lexie’s keds are about a year old and were destroyed after a night of bar-golf themed dancing (RIP white Target keds). Belle’s white converse sneakers are about 4 years old and look nasty because they are nasty. The point is-these stains are normal wear and tear, not freak ink spills, and should theoretically come out. Right? Here’s the ‘before’ picture, along with our assorted supplies:


We tried one method per shoe, to try and see which one worked best.


First up: lemon juice, baking soda and a little bit of water. Not sure of the ratios on that because we didn’t check before (or after) we started. For each of the methods we used our old toothbrushes to rub in the pastes/liquids/etc.


The next ~trick~ was toothpaste. To try this out, it’s apparently important to find a white toothpaste because colored toothpaste could stain your probably already dirty shoes. P.S. this method smelled the best of all of them. Obviously.


Then we went for the classic pre-treat option, by brushing detergent all over one of the shoes.


Our last attempt was vinegar and baking soda, the most recommended and definitely smelliest treatment. As you can see this ‘paste’ makes a massive mess, and lil bits of it will go all over you and your table. Once again, we don’t have an ingredient ration beyond ‘make a paste.’


After furiously brushing our shoes, we decided to let them sit over night. Mainly because we didn’t want to rinse them just yet but also because a compilation of online forums said let ’em soak.



After soaking overnight, and for part of a day, and being washed we’d say they don’t look much different. If anything they look a little weird now that the rubber edges/tips are white again. Not to mention the deterrent didn’t come all the way out of the converse shoe. We might try throwing them out or in the wash next, stay tuned for an update. Overall, none of these methods were really effective for us. Hopefully this post guides either your stain removing or shopping choices…

Comment and let us know your favorite secrets for getting stains out! Also like this post if you’ve tried and also failed to restore your formerly white shoes!

Wishing you more luck than us,



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