Drug Store Lipsticks

Hey everyone,

So after last week’s post about makeup prices we decided to go through some of our lipsticks to find the best, cheapest brands. We compiled a list of some of our favorites, and tried to be honest about our experiences. Here goes:

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in electric orange $7


This brand has a great color range, but I like the electric orange the most. (I also have the vivid violet). It goes on smooth and dries quickly. There are lines, and you have to reapply a few times during a night out. But it’s not too bad. ALSO there is definitely a smell, it’s almost a vanilla smell? I like it sometimes, but it is super distinct. Overall the neon colors show up really well, they go on easy and the packaging is super cute.  -Belle

Catrice Ultimate Color in 370 In A Rosegarden $7


Contrary to how this lipstick looks in the picture above, it’s actually a pink-gray color. As I said before, I’m not a big fan of ver pink colors, but I like the muted-ness of this shade. It’s good every day nude to wear when you’re wanting to go for a more natural look. I do like the formula and how moisturizing it is. Like I said before, I suffer from chapped lips so I really try to seek out lipsticks that can help with that. -Lexie

Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus $5


Okay maybe this isn’t a lipstick but it is a nice color. I like how moisturizing these are, and there is a good variety of colors. I’ve always found them on the nude/pink-er end of the scale. I carry them around like chapstick, but the color shows up really well. I think they also have shimmery colors, but I usually grab these instead. If you’re just starting to get into lipsticks, these are probably a great start. -B

Maybelline Lip Studio Color Blur Lip Pencil in Partner in Crimson $10


I recently purchased this lip pencil and didn’t really have high expectations for it. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the how easily it applied and the vividness of the color. If you haven’t noticed, I’m a very big fan of red lips. This stick has a lip pencil on one end and then a little “smudger” as they call it which can be used to create ombre lips. I think it’s more marketed for the ombre look but I just slathered it all on and when for a full lip. This can be a bit drying over time, but it doesn’t get cakey. -L

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in London $6


I first saw this in Safiya Nygaard’s video about lipsticks, and bought it like the next day at Target. I love how easily it goes on, how cheap it is and the color. They have a variety of colors, but I’ve only tried this one (so far). It stays on fairly long, but I usually reapply a few times through the day. I have a lot of NYX products, and I’m usually really satisfied with the quality vs. cost. -B

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue Medicated Balm in Soothing Sorbet $4


This one isn’t lipstick per se but it weirdly gives pretty full coverage. I’m not a fan of very pink shades and this is more of a pinky purple shade. It goes on like a balm and has an amazing minty scent to it. I always fall victim to chapped lips, and this is a nice way to do some healing while still bringing a little color and life to my face. It doesn’t have the lasting coverage I want due to the formula being balm-like as opposed to a thick lip stick. -L

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Jet Set $7


Heehee another NYX lipstick. These always draw me in because of the bright colors they have (and how NYX products are ALWAYS on sale). I have the jet set and I’ve been eyeballing Pink Lust for a while now. It goes on in one coat, but I’ve noticed it’s hard to reapply. You kind of have to wipe it off before putting it back on or it gets flaky. I like the packaging of these as well, they’re like an easy size to find in a purse. -B

L’oreal Collection Exclusive in Eva’s Red $6


As you can tell by now, I really like L’oreal lipsticks. I don’t know what kind of formula they use, but they’ve done good. L’oreal came out with a collection of different colors chosen by celebrities and this shade is the preference of Eva Longoria. When I’m feeling saucy, I like to put on this bright red because it has a nice subtle orangey shade it in. I don’t find the L’oreal lipsticks to be drying at all which, honestly, I think is one of the reasons I love them so much. So if you like long lasting coverage, bright color, and moisturizing lipsticks, this is the one for you. -L

Maybelline Superstay 14H Lipstick in Ravishing Rogue $9


This lipstick lasts. Like probably almost for the entire 14 hours, if you don’t eat it off like I do. There are a few downsides though, the biggest one being: it’s cakey. Also, it can bleed a little bit to the corners and it’s dry. BUT, like I said, it lasts. Not in a lip stain kind of way though, you can definitely feel in on your lips. I have this color and it shows up as a hot pink, which I like for going out. I probably wouldn’t buy it in other colors because I’m not a fan of the cakey-ness, but if you have an event or something, it could be really good coverage. -B

L’oreal Colour Riche in 766 Plum Explosion $6


Out of every lipstick I’ve ever tried, no matter what the price, this is my absolute favorite. Belle could attest that I wear it to 90% of occasions. It just applies like butter and is incredibly long lasting. It also has an amazing smell to it! I’ve tried many other colors in this line and am always pleased with the application and pigmentation in each stick. I recently just mashed this lipstick, like two days ago, and ruined the whole thing. I would’ve shed many tears if I hadn’t just put a full face of makeup on. Farewell, my friend. -L

Comment and let us know which affordable (under $15 plsssss) lipsticks you love! ALSO if you love/hate any of these be sure to let us know.

Wishing you full coverage and smooth lips,



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