So you want to get a piercing…

Hey everyone,

We both have a lot of piercings and thought you all might be interested in hearing our experiences with them! In case you are considering getting any of these, we wanted to share a little bit about the piercing/healing processes we went through. Of course everyone’s experience in unique, but maybe this will help you decide if you’re thinking of getting one. Here goes:

Average ear piercing/lobe piercing:

I got mine when I was 13 at a Claire’s or something like that. I got them pierced with the gun, but I had no problems with the healing process. The only thing about this experience is that because I didn’t go to a professional piercer my earrings are crooked. It’s not super noticeable, just something to consider when getting a piercing! -Belle

I got mine when I was 12 from Claire’s and I remember feeling so behind on the times due to all the other girls already had their piercings. I also got them pierced with a gun and they didn’t hurt that bad. The average piercing is so fleshy that it basically is just like a pinch. Definitely the easiest one to get out of all of the ones I have. -Lexie

Tragus piercing:

I’ve had this one for about 4 years now, and I’ve never had any problems with it. The process of getting it pierced was much less painful that I expected. You feel a little bit of pressure during the initial piercing, and then it was slightly uncomfortable as they put the ring in. Mine bled a little bit, which weirded me out because I have never experienced that with a piercing but it stopped pretty quickly! It healed in a few days. Changing the jewelry is really easy, though I’ve kept a hoop in it for about two years now.

I got my tragus piercing the summer after my freshmen year of college and I remember being so stressed out about it. It took all I had to build up the courage to go to a professional piercer and ask for an appointment. It was also my first “serious” piercing because all I had at the time were double piercings on both of my ears. They pierced it with a needle and I was expected it to be so painful, but really it wasn’t that bad. The healing process was pretty quick and painless as well. I remember being annoyed I couldn’t wear headphones properly for a while, but that quickly went away.


I have four cartilage piercings overall—all of which were done by myself with a needle or at a mall kiosk with a gun. I would NOT recommend this for healing/safety purposes. Two of mine are crooked, and jewelry does not go straight through the ear. Another one took months to heal and formed a bump for a little while. I’ve had each of them for about six to eight years now so they are fully healed, but it did take a while. I’ve noticed the higher up on my ear the longer it took to heal. Once the initial healing process was over, I haven’t had many problems with them other than finding jewelry that worked best over time. I keep a hoop in my top cartilage and studs in the sides, I rarely take them out and have had no problems.

I have two cartilage piercings in the same ear and I got them both professionally done at the same shop. Out of all my piercings, these definitely hurt the worst. I’m also a roly poly when I sleep and would constantly wake up with them face down in my pillow which definitely delays the healing process. My first one I got done last summer and it took about a good 6 months before it really stopped hurting (i.e. I could bump it without pain). My second one I got about 2 weeks again and it’s still a sensitive baby but the process is easier this time because I know what to expect.


Do. Not. Pierce. This. I’m kidding, sort of. I know everyone has different experiences but this one has been the worst for me! I have so many piercings and this one was/is still the worst in terms of healing and irritation. I got it because I thought it looked so cool, but its taking forever to heal! (Granted I am only about 6 months into the process.) It hurt to get pierced and was sore/swollen for many days afterwards! Eventually mine formed a bump—probably from talking on the phone, over cleaning, and sleeping on this side. I got the bump to go away with tea tree oil and neosporin over the course of about three months, but my ear still doesn’t feel fully healed. I’ve also found it especially hard to change the jewelry (the ring I got it pierced with came out after the top ball unscrewed).  I now have an earring similar to the one they pierce with-but still am having problems with it. Surprisingly this part of my ear gets knocked around a lot, from headphones, my restless sleeping and just overall carelessness. They do look really cool, but I would not recommend this to anyone unless you’re ready for a long-term healing and care process.


I got this done when I was a sophomore in college and the process was super easy. I went to a professional piercer and zip, bam, boom, it was done. Everyone told me that it was going to hurt so bad and my eyes would be tearing up because it was on my face but I experienced none of that. It was really only sensitive for about a week and then was clear sailing from there. I do remember having the most difficulty changing the stud out. They come in corkscrew shapes and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to put them back in. This occurred after a shower when I accidentally knocked it out for the first time. I spent a good half hour grunting and debating whether or not it was even possible to put it back in before I actually got it to work. I do recommend being diligent with the cleaning on this type of piercing. If your face is anything like mine, it can be oily and that can cause issues. It didn’t happen to me, but I know a lot of people who ended up with keloids around their nose piercings because they weren’t careful.

Belly button:

I got this at a professional piercer when I was about 17. It was a relatively painless process and healed super quickly! If you are thinking about getting one I would definitely recommend it. I change the jewelry pretty often and have found that I like the studded rings more than dangly ones. The only problems I’ve had are with the occasional pair of tight high-waisted jeans and leaning stuff against myself to carry, like a laundry basket or something. It has never gotten irritated or infected though, just felt sore for a few minutes after hitting the ring. Before I got this I heard so many horror stories of them getting ripped out or something but I’ve never had any problems.

Comment and let us know if you’ve had different experiences with these piercings! Also don’t forget to go follow us on Instagram: Lexie @lexielloyd and Belle @bellemiles_

Sending good vibes and happy piercings,



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