Whats cooler than being cool?

ICE COLD… drinks are the best for warm, sunny days. We love teas, lemonades, sodas, etc. so we thought we’d share some of our favorites with you! Here are the ones that made the cut, and what they’re best for:

Snapple Diet Half and Half Tea & Lemonade



Best to drink when: You told yourself to stop spending money today, but you lose your self control mid-afternoon.

Starbucks Peach Green Tea Lemonade

Image result for Starbucks Peach Green Tea Lemonade

Best to drink when: You feel confident as fuck because let’s be honest, the barista is going to judge you two words in to the order.

Panera Bread Iced Green Tea

Iced Green Tea

Best to drink when: You have all the time in the world to relax (and eat an overpriced sandwich).

Coke in a glass bottle

Best to drink when: You’re driving a long distance with the windows down and music blaring.

Any iced coffee, no cream, pump of hazelnut

Image result for black iced coffee

Best to drink when: You did all of your homework, well maybe not all of it, but you want to treat yourself anyways.

Arizona Arnold Palmer Lite Half & Half Iced Tea & Lemonade

Best to drink when: You’re trying to tan but actually severely burning on the beach.

Starbucks iced coffee with soy milk

Best to drink when: You are running on 10 hours of sleep over a period of 3 days.

Homemade strawberry and banana smoothie with spinach

Image result for homemade strawberry smoothie with spinach

Best to drink when: You need to cleanse your body after a weekend of binge junk food eating.

Cheerwine, in any shape or fashion

Best to drink when: You’re blasting “How I’ll Always Be” while going 75 mph in a 50 mph backroad.

Simply Lemonade with Raspberry

Image result for Simply Lemonade with Raspberry

Best to drink when: You need to reward yourself for going to 1 out of 3 classes you had that day.

Comment with your favorites or let us know if you like any of these!

Wishing you warm weather and unlimited funds to spend on juice,




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