We scream, you scream

Hello fellow sugar fiends,

We love ice cream. You most likely like ice cream. In no particular order, here’s the official list of our favorite Ben & Jerry ice cream flavors! We hope this inspires you to go out there and live up to your ice cream eating potential. We believe in you!

Mint Chocolate Cookie
This delectable mint ice cream is free of neon-green radioactive dyes, and is instead filled with mint straight from a fair-trade, open-staffed all natural non-GMO garden in Portland, probably. Somewhere in every pint is a whole, halo-shaped Oreo, the Gabriel of ice cream chunks, surrounded by smaller and slightly less important angelic pieces of cookie goodness.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Every bite of this vanilla ice cream will transport you back to your childhood, runny melted streaks of milk and chocolate chips down your face included. The cookie dough chunks are tasty enough to get in a three-way brawl against Ben and Jerry themselves for. Together, the ice cream and dough make the perfect combination of sweet and sweeter, you won’t be able to put it down.

Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz!
This scrumptious treat is a perfect way to start out the day, you can almost fit an entire pint in a double coffee cup. The espresso beans are carefully distributed throughout the ice cream, like old yogurt in the office refrigerator but better. This ice cream will have you going all day with its high caffeine content.

Cherry Garcia
This flavor is the embodiment old Hollywood glamour amongst ice cream. Each delectable bite is a gown of cherry ice cream delicately wrapped around cherries in the shape of Grace Kelly. Flakes of chocolate give Grace butterfly kisses as they softly descend from the heavens, leaving you softly weeping at the purity and elegance of the holy experience you have just endured.

Half Baked
Within this liquid of a cow in ice form, you will find precisely 5 out of 10 portions of it is baked while 2 out of 4 portions remain unbaked. Like dueling dragons, the chocolate and vanilla ice creams clash creating a storm on your tongue. A twister that heaves, not cows, but dollops of cookie dough and fudge brownies at your teeth as if they were a town in tornado valley. You’ll know you’re hooked when you find yourself saying, “Toto, I think we are in Kansas!”

Phish Food
This mouthwatering dessert will fill you with the same amount of thrill as falling overboard into the open ocean. As you’re surrounded by a sea of chocolate ice cream, you will begin to see hints of fudge fish leaving yourself asking, “Was that a fudge fish or a fudge shark?” The gooey marshmallow swirls act as a current to push you further away from stress and society into the deeper waters of serenity. You’ll finally come across caramel whirlpools that take you under into complete bliss.

Let us know what your favorite flavors are!

Blowing sweet cavity-filled kisses,


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