A conversation on Self Care

Lexie: So we’re just gonna talk about our different self-care habits, and we’ll just go through and list some off.

Belle: Yeah!

L: Okay, baths. So we recently just discovered Lush.

B: Oh god, Lush. I really wanna go and get their new bath bomb, the golden one. It’s like a golden egg.

L: I’m really just like, oh this looks so cool but all I imagine is you’d get out and there’d be glitter everywhere.

B: That’s true.

L: Your body would be encased in it and it would be all over your towels and it would be forever everywhere.

B: I got one, one time though that was like light pink and I think it smelled like lavender, whatever bomb that is, and it was glittery.

L: Did you use an apple one? Did we get apple ones?

B: Yeah! Those were so good.

L: Ugh those were good.

B: Yeah but there was glitter all over the sides of my bathtub, for like days after.

L: For my birthday you got me that one that was blue and pink and there was glitter in it, and it coated our tub for a while. When I drained it I wiped it down, I was like -child voice- oopsie. Also that lavender one that had like lavender bits in it. There was lavender everywhere.


L: But I really love taking baths.

B: There so calming, I like to take baths, light a shit ton of candles, or in our old bathroom have the window open. And then set up TV on my laptop.

L: Oh, I always watch TV. I especially like when there’s..

-giggles as the wind blows our drinks away-

L: No, but I especially like when the toilet’s right beside the tub.

-giggles at more violent wind-

L: I’ve done my homework in the bathtub before-

B: I’ve read.

L: -I’ll just like pull up papers.

B: I also like to eat in the bathtub.

L: Agreed.

B: I’m not like a float the togo box in the water person, but like one time I brought a pick-two from Panera Bread into the bathtub.


L: At home, when I was really obsessed with sodas I would pour a glass of really cold cheerwine, and take a really hot bath.

B: Yeeeessss.

L:  I really like a really cold drink and a really hot bath. Because I’ve tried to bring tea into the bath and I’m instantly way too hot, it’s like -gasping- Uhhhh.

B: I can’t do hot tea in a hot bath. I like to eat ice cream in there though.

L: Oh I do too.

B: That one time you got me coffee ice cream I was like -high pitched voice- I’m going in the bath with this!

L: I think my favorite kind of bath is a bubble bath, more so than bath bombs.

B: They make bubble bath bombs too!

L: I saw that! I definitely want to get one. In high school, my mom would always get me Bath and Body Works bubble bath, like all the time because I would take baths every other day.

B: They’re just so nice.

L: And they’re so calming. I just get out and I’m like so much better-

B: Yes!

L: -even short baths. I don’t think I like long ones.

B: I probably stay in there from like 20 to 40 minutes.

L: Daaaamnnn. I stay in 20 minutes max.

B: The one’s where I stay in there the longest is when I’m watching a TV show, AKA Empire. So I’m really in the bath for like 42 minutes and 53 seconds.


L: What else is there? Face masks.

B: Yeeees.

L & B: I love face masks.

B: I’ve probably dried out my skin accidentally, because I’d use a whole face mask before I realized you could put different ones in different areas.

L: I literally just slather the whole thing onto my face every single time.

B: I used to put a really thick clay one on my cheeks, which aren’t oily and then just have dry as fuck skin afterwards.

L: I always feel such a good feeling when you take it off and your skin just feels so clean-

B: and tight

L: and new, and then you put moisturizer on and it feels so nice.

B: For a while, when I was having more acne I would use this one face mask and I think it would bleach my skin a little bit, it was probably not good for my skin at all.

L: That’s how I feel like ProActive is, because it bleaches all your towels and stuff.

B: and then they advertise as like creating an ‘even tone’

L: Of course, there’s going to be an even tone when you bleach your skin anddeeper voice- there’s no color.

B: That’s why I never bought it again.

L: I’ve been thinking lately that I want to go get a facial.

B: Do it!

L: I’ve been watching all of those Buzzfeed videos where they go and get facials.

B: Like the blood facials one!

L: -gagging noise- Can you imagine? I feel like my face would be a massive bruise. I would be bruised for like three weeks.

B: Yeah!

L: But I’ve been watching all the ones with like cooling orbs and stuff, and I want it.

B: The neck massage is the part I would be in it for. Like when they massage the sides of your face.

L: Yeah..

B: My sister got a monthly subscription for a little while for a massage or facial, when she got her first full time job.

L: Ooooh. I’ve always wanted to get massages when I have more money to spend. I got my first one in Budapest when I went to the bathhouses. But I wanted them to do my back more and they did my limbs more.

B: I don’t think I would want an arm massage.

L: They really went in on my legs.

B: Massages would be such a nice form of self care if it was affordable.

L: Right! I just need to date a masseuse. I’d be like I need it today was a rough day! I’d set up all the equipment.


B: And then just get immediately dumped afterwards for asking too much.

L: What now? Naptime.

B: Yes. Sleep is such a nice form of self care.

L: Especially because I don’t do it enough at night. I think I just like staying up too much, but it makes me have to take time out of my day to nap.

B: My ideal nap is three hours. A three hour chunk and completely dark in my bedroom. I’ll put extra blankets over my windows if I need to and then am just out.

L: I think my body likes two hours. I always wake up after two hours and I like it in the dark, too. But I’ll wake up so disoriented and my first thought is always you slept through the night and I’m like nooo! I had so much stuff to do!

B: Same.

L: People are always like “oh, you can just go to bed earlier the next day”, but like no. You don’t understand. I do all my best work late at night. I need that time.

B: And even if I get eight hours at night, it’s not guaranteed that I won’t take a nap the next day.

L: Same. Same. Same.

B: When it hits two o’clock, I’m done.

L: It’s just that midday slump that everybody gets, but if I have the liberty to take a nap during it, I’m gonna take a nap during it.

B: Yeah, I’ll rearrange my schedule to be able to take a nap.

L: Before I take a nap I will write down or plan out what I have to do after I wake up. So, whenever I sleep through my alarms I always wake up and am like I’m off schedule!


L: I do support a good coffee nap.

B: Oh, I’ve never really gotten into those.

L: I think I utilized them a lot junior year. For those who don’t know, coffee naps are where you drink a cup of coffee and then take a 30 minute nap. When you wake up the caffeine is supposed to kick in. I don’t know if it is placebo effect at this point, in which I’ve convinced myself it works or if it actually works. Otherwise, I can’t take short naps. They just make me feel even more tired.

B: Same. I think the worst time is 45 minutes.

L: Yeah, it’s a little too long, but a little too short.

B: Yeah, those are always the worst. Yet, I’ll still do them. If I know I only have 45 minutes, I’m still like I can still sleep! But then I wake up and hate everything.

L: I don’t get people who say they can’t nap. I just don’t get it.

B: If I lay down for too long, I’ll fall asleep.

L: Same.

B: Like straight up.

L: Yeah, I just get too drowsy-

B: It’s that time!

L: -and can’t enter my bed between the hours of 1pm and 7pm.

B: I would almost extend that to eight. I’ll take a nap at 7:30 and wake up at 11.

B: Another thing I love, self care-wise, is hot tea.

L: Yes!

B: Now that I have a new steeper, it’s like almost every night. I just need new kinds of teas!

L: I do that too! I’ll drink about three cups of tea a night.

B: I love that sleepytime one you have that’s like Bigelow or something?

L: I think so. It’s like chamomile and spearmint or something.

B: I have some kinds right now and one that is called something like marshmallow crispy treat. It’s just like a really calm black tea with some subtle sweetness. Then I have this one that is like banana something that’s weird. It’s like smokey with dried fruit in it.

L: I like fruity tea, but I like the clean feeling you can get from tea. Like drinking a mint or green tea gives you that –swooning sounds feeling, but a chai tea is kinda heavier.

B: I have this apple tea that’s really, really good, but it kind of coats my mouth.


B: Something about it is sweet and then it is on my teeth like soda.

L: I used to be really bad about putting hella honey or sugar in my tea especially when I first started drinking it. Only in the past couple years have I forced myself out of the habit.

B: I never got into tea until my first year of college when my roommate had a lot and then my sister had a lot. I would put a shit ton of sugar in them. It was only when one time I didn’t happen to have sugar that I couldn’t even tell that much of a difference.

L: I feel like I would always put honey or tea in it because I didn’t understand brewing times, so I would just leave the tea bag sitting in there. When you leave it in, the tea gets really bitter and gross, you know? I would do this for all the teas and then be like ugh this is so nasty, I have to put the honey in it! Only later did I realize that you were only supposed to let it steep for like two minutes.

L: I think the most important self care is alone time.

B: Yeah, like having an hour a day to set aside for it.

L: I think for me I don’t necessary set time aside each day, but I just have to have a night alone each week with nothing to do. Even when I’m alone but doing homework, it doesn’t feel like rest time.

B: Yeah, I try to aim for like 20 minutes before bed of stretching and getting on –mumblesbuzzfeed. Having time to put my phone on airplane mode and watch videos. Just giving myself that time is really nice.

L: Yeah, I that’s why I’ve been going to the gym from like 9:45 to 10:45. Then I come back and shower and drink a cup a tea. I really try to finish my homework before then or save it for the next day.

B: You’re gonna trick your body into thinking that after exercising you have to sleep!

L: No, I already have!! I have always exercised at night and now anytime I do strenuous exercise my body is like “okay sleeptime!” I’ve definitely Pavlovian trained my body to sleep after exercise, which makes sense because of all the endorphins released but is still annoying. Yeah, but that’s why I don’t work out in the middle of the day.


Comment with some of the ways you show self care. We’ll be back Thursday with another post. Take care of yourselves!

Wishing you a million bath bombs,

B & L


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