Things we love: Nails

Hi y’all,

We both LOVE to paint our nails. Here’s how we do it and what works best for us.


I love having painted nails, just my fingernails though. I almost never paint my toes which is weird maybe I don’t know? I also enjoy the process of painting them. Even if getting my nails done wasn’t expensive as hell,  I would prefer to do myself. In high school I spent ~lots~ of time alone and would watch tv, usually Keeping up with the Kardashians, and paint and re-paint my nails until they were perfect. Occasionally I’ll paint them a bold color like turquoise or matte black, but I love pastels the most. The problem with pastels is how hard it is to find a good formula, and most of the time it takes multiple coats to get the color right. This doesn’t mix well with the fact that when I paint my nails I turn into a monster. I just really like them to look PERFECT. When my second or third coat of a nice baby pink is about to dry and I smudge one the tiniest bit I will do this crazy thing where I mush all of my finger nails together. I bend my fingers and just smash them together and ruin them all at the same time. It sounds insane, and honestly it looks insane too as I just ruin a two-hour long creation. I swear I genuinely cannot control it. But, years of my love-hate relationship with pastels has helped me figure out some good brands for light colors. Maybe these recommendations will help you avoid my monster-like ritual:

  1. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme formula (My fav is the white)
  2. Golden Rose (great for nudes)
  3. Julep/Maven polish (I have Elisa and Bea)


Every time I decide to paint my nails I have to allot an evening for it. It’s always a process because have to make them absolutely perfect. No wrinkles. No bubbles. Nothin’. Unfortunately, I’m much too impatient of a person to let them dry properly, so I spend hours redoing the same nails over and over until I can’t stand it any longer. I realize I only fuel my own problems, but what can ya do. I used to repaint my nails every other night in high school, and looking back it all makes a whole hell of a lot more sense why I never started my homework until midnight. I have found it to be as therapeutic as it is infuriating. I put on a movie (or three) and make time to just relax and not think about my jobs or homework for once. Fun fact: the movie of choice is normally Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. When I first got into painting my nails, I was obsessed with glitter nail polish. If any of you  have ever used glitter polish then you undoubtedly know this added an extra 30 minutes, 16 cotton balls, and a half bottle of acetone to my routine when I took it off. However, with age comes wisdom and I have moved on to solid colors. Typically my nails are a deep red or nude color. I’m not very adventurous, but I’ve been trying to live on the wild side lately with some brazen blues.  I’ll leave you with these three lessons that I have learned along the way:

  1. Nail polish remover, in fact, does not remove nail polish from carpet or comforters
  2. When putting on a top coat, run the brush along the tip of your nail and then apply normally (prevents chipping for much longer!!)
  3. A shower can work wonders at removing pesky polish that didn’t stay within the lines

Comment with some of your favorite brands or tips!

xx, B & L


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