Un, deux, trois, quatre, CINQ!

We both love Hamilton, obviously, so we decided to try and rank our favorite songs. We enjoy almost all of the songs (See #45). The songs we come back to, sing along to and quote the most are the ones we placed higher on the list. This is not a definitive ranking or an order of the best ones. It’s just our list of favorites. Comment if you feel like we overlooked some gems!

  1. Take a Break
  2. It’s Quiet Uptown – I listened to the soundtrack out of order and when I heard this song, I was sold. It’s so calm but you can still feel the weight of the story. Also I loved Angelica’s narration for a change. – Belle
  3. Helpless
  4. Non-Stop
  5. Satisfied – One of my favorite parts of the soundtrack is when Angelica says, “So, so, so.” I also love this section and getting to watch the same scene through each of their eyes. – Belle
  6. Dear Theodosia
  7. The World Was Wide Enough
  8. One Last Time
  9. Best of Wives and Best of Women – I wanted this song to be in the top 10 because it was one of the only songs that felt genuinely authentic. It’s just a simple interaction between a husband and a wife, expressing their love for each other without explicitly saying it. I mean, who doesn’t smile when Alexander says “I know.” -Lexie
  10. Burn
  11. The Room Where It Happens – I love how dark Aaron gets with about a minute left in the song. That is all. – Belle
  12. Who lives, who dies, who tells your story
  13. Say No To This
  14. Aaron Burr, Sir – I always imagine Hamilton’s eyes popping out of his head and him comically drooling when he runs into Burr and discovers that he is also an orphan. Then we watch as Alexander gets his first glimpse of Burr’s “no opinion” policy. Also “talk less, smile moooore” – Lexie
  15. That Would Be Enough
  16. Wait for it
  17. A Winter’s Ball
  18. History Has Its Eyes on You
  19. What Comes Next? – AWESOME, WOW – Belle
  20. The Story of Tonight- Reprise – This song takes place at the reception of sorts for Alexander and Eliza’s wedding. What makes this song stick out to me is the “bro” nature of Laurence picking on Burr about his “woman on the side” and Alexander telling Burr to fight for her. – Lexie
  21. The Schuyler Sisters – The swing vibe of this song and Schuyler defeated always makes me want to bop my head. I have a lot of love for the women of Hamilton because they have such strong voices and presence. This is the first song where they are introduced and we see the sisterhood in all its glory. “When I become Mrs. Jefferson, Ima have him include women in the sequel, work!” – Lexie
  22. My Shot
  23. Cabinet Battle 1
  24. You’ll Be Back
  25. The Story of Tonight
  26. Blow Us All Away
  27. Your Obedient Servant
  28. What’d I Miss
  29. I Know Him
  30. The Election of 1800
  31. Alexander Hamilton – I remember watching the video of Lin-Manuel Miranda performing this at the White House in 2009. I love that we get to hear the backstory and everyone sing, but compared to the others we just couldn’t move it up the list. -Belle
  32. Cabinet Battle 2
  33. Washington on Your Side
  34. The Reynolds Pamphlet
  35. Hurricane – I go through stages of enjoying this song a lot, but most of the time I just don’t know how to feel about it. – Belle
  36. Schuler Defeated
  37. Yorktown
  38. Guns and Ships
  39. Right Hand Man
  40. Stay Alive – Reprise
  41. Stay Alive
  42. We Know
  43. The Adams Administration
  44. Meet Me Inside – Aggressive, so aggressive. I get it, I totally do. Hamilton fucked up and needed to get lectured by Washington and the tension that was growing between them finally peaked. I am just not a fan of the blaring horns and the red I see when I listen to it. – Lexie
  45. Ten Duel Commandments
  46. Farmer Refuted – “Here ye, here ye.” This song started playing on my phone on accident once in the library. I wasn’t a fan then, and I’m not a fan now tbh. – Belle



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